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Zirkulin Muscle Gel

Product Name: Zirkulin Muscle GelContents: 125 ml/tubeActive Ingredient: Devil's Claw, Marigold, Rosemary
Zirkulin Muscle Gel
Product Name: Zirkulin Muscle Gel
Contents: 125 ml/tube
Active Ingredient: Devil's Claw, Marigold, Rosemary 
Product Advantage: To Invigorate, relax and care for tired and heavy muscles and joints 
Application: A gentle plucking of stressed muscle areas relieves tension and circular movements relieve the joints. 
Shelf Life: 36 Months
Directions: Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.
Zirkulin Muscle Gel is a medical body care product. Medical body care products are designed to appeal to sensitive and demanding skin. The ingredients of medical body care products are tailored to the properties of the skin so that they are less irritating and prevent allergic reactions during use. While the so-called decorative cosmetics only focus on the beauty effect, medical cosmetic products such as Zirkulin Muscle Gel have the task of protecting and promoting natural skin functions. For the special requirements of your skin, you can use Zirkulin Muscle Gel according to the given recommendations.

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