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Sanhelios Propolis Mouthwash

Product Name: Sanhelios Propolis MouthwashContents: 50 ml/glassActive Ingredient: Propolis Extract, Chamomile, Sage
Sanhelios Propolis Mouthwash
Product Name: Sanhelios Propolis Mouthwash
Contents: 50 ml/glass
Active Ingredient: Propolis Extract, Chamomile, Sage
Product Advantage: Prevents bad breath, periodontal disease and gum problems 
Application: Add 2-3 splashes to half a glass of water. Rinse the mouth and throat with the resulting solution for a few seconds and then spit it out again. The rinsing process can be repeated several times if necessary. The use of the mouthwash is recommended in the morning and in the evening after brushing your teeth.
Warnings: People with an allergy to bees (products) should consult their doctor before using the product.
Shelf Life: 36 Months
Directions: Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.
Sanhelios Propolis Mouthwash contains propolis, the high-quality protective resin of bees. This has anti-germ and anti-inflammatory properties that are especially important for oral and dental care. The effect is enhanced by chamomile and sage.
The refreshing mouthwash fights harmful bacteria, inhibits their formation and thus prevents periodontal disease, gum problems and bad breath. Its long-lasting effect results in lasting fresh breath. With regular mouthwashes, Sanhelios Propolis Mouthwash provides ideal dental and oral hygiene.

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